My iPhoneography

I took my very first iPhone-Pictures in July 2011 when I took over an used iPhone3. I was hooked immediately. Hipstamatic was one of my first apps to explore and it’s still my most used app of all. I still like many of the pics I took in this early iPhoneography-stage of mine:


End of August 2011 my life shattered to pieces and in this difficult times I found the possibility to take pictures of myself with the iPhone almost like a lifesaver. These now called “selfies” became an important way for me to discover, who I really am and to see myself in very different lights. Sometimes I think that back than I started seeing myself for the first time.


When the iPhone 4s came out I bought one for myself and I loved it dearly. Naturally I had it with me wherever I went and took many, many pics.

mix Now I am the proud owner of an iPhone 5s and I do keep taking pics on every possible occasion. I started creating collages and am finding the opportunities which all the different apps do provide endless! It’s like having the biggest playground ever right in my hands.


With this site I would like to share my work with other iphoneographers and I hope you have some fun here! Enjoy these categories:

And here you find some of my favorite apps and websites.

Love reading from you,



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